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Your Hosts are very grateful to have the opportunity to share with you this oasis from day to day life and invite you to experience warm hospitality surrounded by beauty and peace at Serenity Bed and Breakfast. We accept all booking at Serenity Bed and Breakfast subject to the Terms and Conditions that follow.


Welcome to Serenity Bed and Breakfast (herein also referred to as Serenity). You are about to find out that Serenity is not your average Bed and Breakfast. We go the extra mile to provide exceptional facilities and services to our clients and to enhance your time at Serenity. In order to provide this level of service we require our guests to honour our terms of use and to obey the rules established from time to time by the management here at Serenity Bed and Breakfast.

Here are some of our terms of use that that are designed to help make your stay more comfortable, safe and enjoyable. By registering as a guest at Serenity, one is also agreeing to these Terms Of Use.

1 Internet: Access Ask and the front desk for the login information for our WiFi service. Access to our network is limited to internet browsing only and emailing activity. Guests must understand that they are liable liable for any damage to our network.

2 Breakfast : Please clearly circle your selections on the Breakfast Order Menu provided and leave them on the kitchen counter the night before.

3 Activities: Please fill out any requests for any Adventure, Educational, Spa or Tour services listed on the reverse of your Breakfast Order Menu

4 Special Requests may be available at additional charges so don’t hesitate to ask for something special. If we can accommodate your special needs we will let you know.

5 Rentals: Bikes, Canoe, Sauna, or Inversion Machine are often available at an extra charge, but need to be booked at the front desk. Please also ask for assistance before using any Gym Equipment.

6 Youth Visitors: The facilities at Serenity are designed primarily for adult visitors so children or pets must be accompanied and supervised at all times particularly on the pool deck or in the gym and waterfront. Ask about games or toys or videos we may have available for their entertainment.

7 House Rules: By registering you agree to abide by our house rules. The house is air conditioned so please ask before opening a window. We are located near several varied natural habitats, so if we agree to opening windows please open only windows that have screens. An additional cleaning charge may be charged if insects are allowed in through unprotected windows. We are on a septic system so please do not flush feminine products down the toilet. Pool use is conditional of guests abiding to the pool rules which are posted by the pool. We maintain a very high standard in our pool maintenance so if you swim in the lake please take a shower before swimming in the pool or a pool cleaning fee will be charged. If you have any problems with facilities, equipment or linens please report them immediately to the front desk.

8 Damage: On rare occasions items being used by guests have been damaged or have gone missing. On such occasions guests will be charged for any items that were damaged or have gone missing during their stay at Serenity. A $25 replacement fee will be charged for each missing towel or linen.

9 Liability: Guests of Serenity make use of our facilities only at their own risk. Serenity Bed and Breakfast, its owners and staff take no responsibility for damages, injuries or loss suffered by guests while on the grounds of Serenity Bed and Breakfast. Subject to the Hotel Act Serenity reserves the right to immediately evict any guest that does not conduct themselves in accordance with the Terms of Use or the Hotel Act.

10. Cancelations: There is no charge for cancelations when the cancelation is recieved seven days before the date reserved for your stay. All cancelaton requests recieved less than seven days before the date booked will be charged the full room rate for the dates booked.

11. Check In is after 4:00 pm Check Out is by 10:30 am (We are generally available to assist you between 4pm-11am)

For Serenity Bed and Breakfast Information or Reservations Call 1-613-475-9900 or 613 475-5655

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